Why I‘m running

One great city

We’re one community that’s divided across two counties and across two public school districts; I will work to create a unified sense of community and pride in this gem of a city.

New voice

 It’s time for a new voice to join the Clive City Council. Our city needs a fresh perspective included in our important community discussions.

Representation for all

I want all residents of Clive to have a seat at the table — those on the east side of NW 75th Street and those on the west side of NW 178th Court and everyone in between. Newer Clive residents and those on the eastern and western ends of our city haven’t always felt represented. I plan to change that.


How I would help our city

Ensure a safe, healthy community for ourselves and our families

We need to be sure our first responders have the training and the resources they need to keep themselves and all our residents safe and to respond quickly and appropriately when there’s a problem. Our streets, creeks, trails and parks need to be properly updated and managed so we can all safely enjoy them.

Improve transparency with better communication

Clive residents should have a good understanding of how their city leaders are serving them, what plans are in the works and what resources are available. We need to be reaching out to connect with communities so everyone has access to the information they need.

Create a welcoming environment that invites more community involvement

All our residents deserve to feel included and invited to take advantage of and participate in everything Clive has to offer — our many great businesses, our city programs and our decision-making process.